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Defy Gravity

Aerial silks (sometimes called aerial fabric or aerial tissu) is a vertical aerial apparatus and circus discipline that focuses on strength, grace, and creativity. It was first formally invented by Cirque-du-Soleil in 1995 and has exploded in popularity in recent years. In aerial silks classes students will learn techniques for climbing, wrapping, and eventually dropping with a focus on safety and personal growth. Aerial silks is exciting, fun, and challenging. It is a great way to build confidence and courage and is appropriate for all genders and body types. No prior strength training or movement background is necessary, as we believe in going “low and slow”, and ensuring that progressions are accessible so that anyone can acquire the skills that will enable them to fly!


InShot Peformed by Lynne Sargent

Florabella Flies Performed by Lynne Sargent

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